Luxury Tourism in Peru

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The arrival in Peru of foreigners willing to spend on the best luxury hotels there are has increased 50% in the last years, thanks to the services of emblematic gourmet restaurants that characterize the gastronomical tourism, according to Jacqueline Vargas Fort, general manager of the DCO Suites, Lounge & Spa Hotel. “The visitor accepts the different varieties of dishes and suggestions that you can offer: fish and salads, Mediterranean fusions with quality ingredients, some Asian flavor as well, among others”, she stated. She also mentioned that the Peruvian tourist arrives at a new destination looking for dishes made with local products. “The local tourist is very specific in their requests in comparison with a foreigner -they even request from the chef dishes that they are used to eat all the time even if they are not on the menu- in contrast with a foreigner that looks to try different kinds of fish (flavors) being red or white and the different options that their menu can offer”.

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