New Tourist Offer in Machu Picchu

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The named Oriental Andenes (terraces), within a year, will be part of the tourist circuit, according to the chief of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park, Fernando Astete.

The site has began to be cleaned of weeds on the 80s, but then has set aside. “It has thought to be a minor agricultural area. We were wrong.”, says the archaeologist Piedad Champi, who is now in charge of the restoration of the Oriental Andenes. On a part of the road that connects Aguas Calientes with the citadel -and that the Culture Ministry Regional Directive prefers to keep private- the route to the Oriental Andenes starts. In the middle of grown weeds, a banged up door works as the entrance to another dimension. Around 3 hectares (7.4 acres) of terraces, water canals, ceremonial fountains, Inca trails, native flora and fauna.

Everything hangs from the steep mountain. Archaeologists have divided it in five sectors; each lower than the prior to ensure the variety of micro climates. The first sector is called “Catarata” (waterfall), because the unaligned terraces resemble a waterfall. They were built over a cliff that looks like a big wall.

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