Palomino - Trip Peru

If you are visiting Lima, the capital of Peru, you can’t miss the opportunity to see the peruvian sea fauna.

A few minutes from the Lima coast you can find the Palomino Islands, a natural refuge for thousands of sea lions and guano birds.

The islands show as a rocky fortress that exhibit thousands of sea lions that freely accept the presence of humans on their habitat.

If the visitors want to, they can even  interact with these noble animals and take a dip with them in the ocean.

The tour takes around 4 hours and is recommended to be done by yacht, due to the irregular swell in some parts of the circuit.

If you visit during the summers then is recommended to bring a jacket, sunscreen and sunglasses.

So now you know, next time you are in Lima, take the chance to visit this fascinating place. 

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Palomino - Trip Peru

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Palomino - Trip Peru

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Palomino - Trip Peru

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Palomino - Trip Peru


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Palomino - Trip Peru


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