Places to Discover – Pisaq

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Located 33km (20.5 miles) from Cusco city, and at the entrance of the Sacred Valley, you will find the town of Pisaq, usually known by its artisan fairs.

However, Pisaq also has one of the most beautiful and important archaeological complexes of the valley, a place that many, on their hurry to get to Machu Picchu, neglect to visit. A magical place, with many “andenes” (terraces), ceremonial and domestic structures and aqueducts that give away its agricultural use and in which, with some luck, you will be able to hear the melody and charm of the “pututos”, wind instruments made out of big sea shells.

The road to the complex starts at the town’s main square and goes up winding through the side of the highest mountain until reaching the top, where the archaeological complex is revealed. There is also the possibility of reaching it by car, through a road of roughly 13km (8 miles), towards a place, that without a doubt will be worth visiting.

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