The Runamula

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Tells the legend of the amazonian mythology that the Runamula is a monstrous creature, half woman and half horse, that was transformed as punishments for having an affair with a member of the church.

Due to some strange spell, the woman was turned into a goblin with the body of a mule, head and chest of a woman, and as punishment she should wander on full moon nights scaring the people of the towns and villages with its creepy neighs and the noise its hoofs make while galloping aimlessly. People knew then that there was a woman that was having forbidden affairs.

Then, the bravest ones, would chase the enchanted animal to see in which house it run in or where it went to when the spell was over. The unfaithful woman was discovered and had to be taken to a good shaman to be healed through baths and Ayahuasca rituals, freeing her from the spell she had cast upon herself for having a forbidden affair.

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