The Nazca Lines

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Nazca lines - trip peru

On the year 1927 the archaeologist Mejia Xespe, Julio Cesar Tello’s disciple; father of the Peruvian archeology, was informed of the presence of some mysterious traces on the land, on an area of the Peruvian coast.

Back then; archeology in Peru was on its primary phase and no one paid much attention to this announcement, since for the archaeologists of that time it seemed a lot less attractive than Chavin, Chan Chan and Machu Picchu.

That same year, 1927, Dr. Paul Kosok arrived in Peru; an investigator that showed great interest on those pre columbian expressions. Without limiting his curiosity Kosok uniformly cleaned the traces he believed to be ancient roads at the beginning, finally reveling the unmistakeable figure of a bird soaring the sky.

Further studies demonstrated that the Nazcas built these lines with the objective of marking different dates of the astronomical calendar; and of events related to production activities.

Kosok returned to his country on 1946, suggesting to Maria Reiche, his assistant, to continue with the study of the lines that he had started to decipher. Later on Maria dedicated her life to this work.

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