Contact the Tourism Police:

Jr. Moore 268, Magdalena del Mar – Lima

Phone: (01) 460 1060 / 460 0965

Jr. Tambo de Belen 104, Lima

Phone: (01) 414 2053


Airport: Domestic and International Flights

Phone: (01) 575 1712 / 574 5529



Visa: (01) 372 5836

MasterCard: (01) 444 3366

American Express: (01) 441 6300

Diners Club: (01) 221 2050


It is forbidden to transport drug, if you do so you will be detained and incarcerated. Do not accept carrying packages from unknown people in your luggage under any circumstances.


Peruvian cuisine offers a great variety of typical dishes from the coast, the highlands and the jungle. Inquire about their preparation since some of them are usually very spicy or condimented. Also, you will find establishments that serve international food.

As to the beverages, try the very Peruvian Pisco Sour (grape eau de vie / liquor), the chicha morado (purple maize juice), the chicha de jora (maize juice) and the masato (fermented yucca liquor).


We recommend that you take the same precautions you would usually take when traveling to any other tourist destination”

–        Beware of pickpockets.

–        Carry a copy of your ID or passport. Keep the originals and you valuables at the custody or safety box at your hotel.

–        Carry your valuables on a discreet manner.

–        Do not carry around big amounts of money and check your pockets and luggage.

–        Do not exchange money on the streets.

–        Do not walk around poorly lit or isolated places late at night .


You can make international and domestic call from payphones. The codes of the cities and countries are located inside most cabins.

In order to make and international call dial:

00 + country code + city code + phone number

In order to make a domestic call dial:

0 + city code + phone numbers

Pay phones take coins and calling cards that can be purchased on street kiosks and supermarkets. Verify that you are purchasing a card from the phone company you wish to use.

For information on phone numbers dial: 103


The main cities of the country have public internet cabins. The average cost per hour is USD 1.30.

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