Huari, The One Who Lives in the Mountains

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Huari - Trip Peru

Huari is an ancient Andean god whose cult had its main center on the Conchucos Alley, where the famous Chavin de Huantar temple was built.

The historian Hernan Amat Olazabal and other experts have followed the trace of this almost forgotten god. Amat tells us that “near 1657, in the aftermath of the cruel idolatry exterminators (armies of fanatical priests who ruined the native beliefs), the inspector Estanislao de Vega Bazan collected many evidence about the famous Chavin sanctuary. He said that it had been built to worship the Huari god and that he surprised and old priest offering to Huari a couple of black corn kennels and chewed up coca leaves (then) an spider would appeared right next to the fire” He described this great complex as a “shrine of the Indians, all underground with dilated alleys and labyrinths, made of very big stones and very carved; where he found three idols that he burned, torn to pieces and buried”.

Nowadays, mainly on the highlands of Peru and Bolivia, the name Huari means deity (“devil” according to the priests) to the native people, that lives the abandoned landscapes, mountains and mines. According to their beliefs Huari can provide them with abundance if offerings are delivered and dances are made on its honor, otherwise we will bring atrocious things to humans.

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