Chavin de Huantar, otherwise known as the capital of the Chavin Culture is an archaeological sire located in the Chavin de Huantar district, Huari province in the Ancash department, 462 km (287 miles) northeast of Lima. The place has an elevation over 3000 meters above sea level (9843 ft.), among the Black and White Andean mountain ranges. The city is located in the merge of the rivers Huacheksa and Mosna, on the main Basin of the Marañon river.

The construction presents a complex network of trails and interior stone galleries. In its interiors you can still find the Monolithic Lanzon (spear like) and the Cabezas Clavas, a sort of sentinels located on the walls.

The countless aqueducts and water falls found in the place are still a big enigma, which created through a system of floodgates an acoustic effect that resembles the roar of a giant jaguar.

The emblematic Lanzon is five meter (16.4 ft.) is an anthropomorphic figure that shows enormous incisive teeth and fangs, with feet shaped like claws, scepters on each hand and snakes instead of hair.

The monolith gathers the three elements of the Chavin cosmogony trilogy: eagle, snake and feline (air, water and earth), repressive deities that work as sentinels and scare off evil. Therefore, air, water and earth conform a permanent harmony with Cosmos that translates on the whole legacy of the Chavin.

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