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Two of the most emblematic museums of Lambayeque in Chiclayo-Peru, are the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and the Site Museum of Huaca Rajada in Sipan.

The first tomb gave light into the famous Lord of Sipan, the findings of its funerary belongings was dated on 1987 and back then the prestigious NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY compared it to the discovery of the tomb of the Tutankamon pharaoh, and since then it has meant the birth of the tourist circuit in the north of Peru.

The second tomb was discovered 20 years later, in 2007, the character found was man the Owl Man, who helped unravel the Moche iconography.

The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum was designed exclusively to show this character, its design resembles the one of a “huaca” or a funerary Moche pyramid and in it they have followed even the entrance design, so the visitors enter through a ramp similar to the ones used in the “huacas” and then descend and visit the exhibits. On its exhibition halls you will be able to find not only the Lord of Sipan, but also other fine pieces found in other 12 tombs among which stand out the ones of the Old Lord of Sipan and the Priest.

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Sipan - trip peru

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Sipan - trip peru

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Sipan - trip peru

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Sipan - trip peru

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