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Cusco - Cuesta de Santa ana

For the intrepid ones out there, there are new options of fun with high doses of adrenaline at the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Feeling the struck of the wind on your face, horseback riding along the majestic Sacred Valley of the Incas from high up in a mountain, looking out the limit between the jungle and the highlands while cruising along suspended on a wire, this is all part of the new activities that you and your family can enjoy on the outskirts of the imperial city of Cusco.

In order to do any of these activities it’s not necessary to bring your own gear since the agencies that offer them include all the required gear and equipment, it is not necessary either to have any previous experience, only to be willing to take upon the adventure.

One of the most well known attractions is the Sacsayhuaman archaeological park, that offers a basic circuit which you can take by purchasing the Cusco Tourist Ticket, also very few know about the Inca Trail that leads to the Antisuyo and will take you through mysterious Inca sites.

Only 15 minutes away from the Cusco Main Square you can reach Qenqo, the Temple of the Moon, the Inca Jail and the route end in Old Choquequirao. On these places you will be able to find sites built of carved stone, funerary offering and beautiful terraces.

You can arrange this route through a travel agency that can help you put it together.

Reaching the Salt Mines of Maras and Moray on horseback is an experience that you will never forget. Some tour operators offer rides through the rural trails making stops on the main tourist attractions, another interesting option is the mountain biking where you will be able to see the Inca terraces and enjoy incomparable landscapes.

If what you are looking for are more action filled activities, then there’s a route to Chicon snow peak on ATVs where you will be able to find lagoons and beautiful landscapes.

From some years now in the village of Santa Teresa in Quillabamba, there’s a Monkey Tail Canopy circuit, which consists of cables anchored from one mountain to the other, where a person can slide through hooked pole. The longest one is over 400 meters (1312 feet) and the highest of 150 meters (492 feet).

These are just some of the Adventure tourism options that Cusco has to offer to the visitors from all over the world looking for some other kind of emotions.

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