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mate de coca

If you are thinking about travelling to Peru and wish to visit a fascinating destination such as Cusco or Puno, it’s good to know the benefits that this ancient drink called “mate de coca” can offer you. One of them is that it can relief the “soroche” or altitude sickness, this is because the coca leaves have globulin which regulate the lack of oxygen on the environment.

Also, there are other reasons why drinking mate de coca is beneficial for your health, since it’s proved that is regulars blood pressure, body temperature, it’s a great anti depressive and it helps burn fat.

It is advised to drink a cup in the mornings or a couple of minutes before meals so that it will allow you to absorb calcium, on the other hand, any person 4 years old or older can take this infusion, in case the person in hyperactive or has any severe heart condition then it’s best that they don’t drink it.

A final recommendation would be that when arriving to a place in altitude always rest for at least a day and eat lightly before starting any tours.

Source: El Comercio

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