In Peruvian mythology you can usually find stories that have been retold to such extent that they suffer small variations and nowadays they turn out to belong not to one but to multiple villages, and it’s hard to define their origin.

One of these stories is the one we’ll tell you about now… and we must confess that we ignore where it comes from. We heard it like this:

I remember arriving to the Aija town in Ancash. Right next to the pawns bench (field workers), the eldest man in the house rested. He was telling his grandchildren the story about a boy with pointy ears and long hair. Who drawn by the dynamics of the water over the wheels of an old stone mill, those that work thanks to the force of the highland rivers; managed to make it stop which allow to see his huge strength.

He also told that this little boy liked to tricked travelers, asked to be carried because he was very tired and once this was achieved, he would hold tightly to them and make them walk and get lost on unknown paths.

Curiosity made me get closer to the man and ask who he was talking about and if he has truly seen such creature.

Then he nodded his head, affirming the existence of this character and he ended by saying “The Ichic Ollcu, a little one, whose feces reek of sulfur and whose strength is due to the fact that he is the son of the devil itself”.

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