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Puno - Trip Peru

The city of Puno hides many treasures to discover which you can reach by other routes and roads that will allow you to visit that part of the Altiplano away from the Titicaca and along the Andes mountain range, in it you will be able to discover magical villages full of stories and natural surroundings like the well known Tinajani canyon and the “quenua”and “puyas” forest.

A recommendation would be to start your adventure at the city of Lampa, characterize by its pink houses, tiled roofs and pink “sillar”. The Lampa church is a must; this temple presents and harmonious construction in stone with a dome covered with tiles, inside you will find unexpected surprises that tell its exquisite history.

Among canvas of the Cusco school and sculptures made out of leather you can get inside the Piedad chapel and you will be marveled with what your eyes will find, the temple owes its name to the aluminum sculpture of Michelangelo’s Piedad that along with the one in this church are the only two reproductions there exists of this famous sculpture.

But the most impressive is not the Piedad replica but the Enrique Torre Belon Mausoleum, who was a prosperous miner and patron that contributed with the culture of the place and who has the mausoleum built to put his and his wife’s body, the ones that are surrounded by over a thousand skulls and skeletons that were part of the skeletal remains of the catacombs.

Puno definitely has a lot more to offer that its already famous Titicaca Lake, we invite you to venture and enjoy these alternative destinations Puno can offer you.

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