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The Treasure of the Andes

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There is no doubt that Peru is the birthplace of the potato, in Huancahuasi ,Tarma produces more than half of the seed potatoes planted throughout Peru. The potatoes crops in the area are numerous as well as various. In Cascas heigths one of the annexes to the district, are prduced dozens of native varieties planted […]

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The Rainbow Mountain in Peru

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In the region of Cusco, Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru and is considered the most important mountain of the Andean worldview. The road to Ausangate is one of the most amazing experiences you can have, enjoy the scenery, be accompanied by native birds and animals along the way is only a part […]

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Trips to the Peruvian Amazon


A few decades ago, the jungle was only for adventurers. Nowadays, the jungle has become a captivated destination with suitable infrastructure and well-established tourism routes that provide a variety of activities to satisfy diverse travel interests. Archaeological routes, adventure sports, bird-watching, Amazon River cruises, city tours, and walking trails through nature reserves, are just few […]

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